What up Heat fam! Coach Seth here and I got a lil’ something different for you today. Simple, and ummm well it’s not easy. But it definitely is simple. Keep that pace quick, the faster you move, the faster you are done.

Equipment Required: A box or some other type of elevated surface.

Warmup: 50 Burpees for Time. I know this doesn’t sound fun...but Burpees For Bros just happened and I wanted to share a little taste of that with you all.

The Fun Part (The workout)

Ok, here’s how this is going to work: there’s a rep count and 4 exercises. Do 5 reps of each exercise (on the Step Switch, that’s per leg), then 10 of each, then 15...etc. Follow the rep count and it’s easy to keep track.

Rep Count: 5, 10, 15, 20, 15, 10, 5

Box Jump


Step Switch (think step up, but when you step up, switch which foot is on the box)

Feet Elevated Pushup