What’s up Heat family. Dosh here, and I’m extremely excited to bring you your next WOW! “The 100 rep workout.”

For this workout, you will need your bodyweight, a TRX for inverted rows, a kettlebell to swing, and a wall to climb up on for handstands (that’s right, we are getting some handstand action in…but don’t worry there will be a modification if you are not comfortable with that). As you do this workout I really want you to focus on how you are feeling throughout and taking ownership of the pace and intensity.

Before we get this party started, let’s get a quick warmup in. Just go through 1 round:

10 Inchworms w/push-up

20 Arch Ups

30 Jumps lunges

40sec Hollow body Hold

50 Jumping Jacks

60sec Deep Squat Hold

Now for the workout. Make sure you are challenging yourself, resting when needed. With the wall handstand hold, it will be wall facing. So place the feet on the wall from a plank, and walk the body as close as you can (hug that thang). I would prefer you complete each exercise, before moving to the next. But you can break it down however you like. Just get that 100! Here are all the moves:

100 Push-ups

100 Squat Jumps

100 TRX Inverted Rows

100 KB Swings

100 seconds of Wall Handstand Hold (modification: Plank Hold)

Enjoy my friends!