Howdy HEAT fam! Lil Sarah here, and I'm bringing another installment of Love Me Some Legs to you guys! While I'm not into Valentine's Day, I am into spreading love. What better way to spread love than to give some love to your own damn self via a killer workout?!


Today's workout will start out heavy, and end with a high intensity burnout.

What you'll need: You and some heavy DB

How long: 45 min of work


1 min weighted squats
1 min weighted lunges
30 sec squat jumps
30 sec jump lunges
1 min heavier squats
1 min heavier lunges

Workout: Set a timer for 20 min, and repeat this circuit as many times as you can in 20 min. Challenge yourself on how heavy you go. You can work your way up in weight as you go...

10 DB squats
10 total DB lunges
10 total DB squatted lateral walk
rest 45 sec

Burnout: Set a timer for 15 min, and repeat as many times as you can in that time.

10 squat jumps
20 jump lunges
10 frog jumps
(start with feet wide and hips below the knee. when you jump bring your legs together, with them straight so you work the adductors. Land in the starting position, with feet wide in that low squat.)
45 sec rest

Bonus glute burnout!:  These drills will be done from the hands and knees position. Split the min, 30 sec on each side. You're welcome friends! 😉

1 min fire hydrants
1 min kickbacks
1 min straight leg lifts
 - legs are extended behind you
1 min lateral leg lifts - bring your leg out laterally (to the side), think 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock