What's up Heat Bootcamp! I’m Coach Dustin, the new kid on the block, and I wanted to share one of my favorite total body conditioning workouts with you guys.


If you’re somebody who wants to push your body to the limit, and reach the maximum potential that your body has, then total body conditioning is for you. Not only will it focus on strengthening muscle, but it also has a strong focus on building up your cardiovascular endurance.

Tools needed: YOU, KB, Med ball, 1 pair of DB’s

Length:  31-33 minutes 

The work out:  you will be performing each exercise in the circuit for 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest. Rotate through each circuit 3 times. 9 minutes at each circuit resting 2-3 minutes in between circuits.

Circuit #1
Jump lunge (body weight)
Med ball slam

2-3 minutes rest

Circuit #2
DB squat to curl to press
High plank shoulder tap

2-3 minutes rest

Circuit #3
Kettle bell swing
Lateral lunges (body weight)