Oh hey there everyone!!! It’s your girl Jenn. It’s been a while and I've missed you so. 
Decided to give you a bad ass workout that requires nothing but a light to medium set of dumbbells and a box. This workout will be a rep time challenge. Requiring you to really push yourself. It will be short and sweet… Well kinda sweet. 

Let’s get to it shall we?

How Long: 20 Min 

What You'll Need: Set of moderate DB, a box, timer, water and a mat

The warm up:
5 Min warm up of your choice. 
Rower, Elliptical, Outside Run, ETC 

The Workout 
15 Min As Many Rounds As Possible!!!
Perform each exercise starting with one rep a piece. If there is an exercise that requires per leg or per arm its 1 each side (e/s). After one round is complete you will do a 200 m run/ row/ or elliptical for 1 min. 
When you have completed that start a new round, except now you will add 1 rep to each exercise.

Good Luck

DB Step Ups (e/s)
Box Jumps
Push Press