What's up everyone!!! It’s your girl Jenn her with a pretty stellar back and HIIT day. 
We will start this workout with some high rep supersets of back movements and finish out the workout with a quick 14 min HIIT. 
Did this workout last week and let me tell yah….. My back still feels a little tender, but in a “dayyuummm that was some good work” kinda way. 

How Long: 1 hour give or take. 

What You'll Need: 1 Heavy Dumbbell, a set of moderate weight dumbbells (last 2 reps should be challenging so if its not GO UP!!!!), pull-up bar, slam ball, timer, water, and a mat. 

The warm up: 3 rounds 6 reps each
Push Press
Jump Squats
Plank Tucks
Before starting a new round jog, bike, row 1 min 

The Workout

4 Sets
5x5x5 (Reps for each) Wide Pull Up - Neutral Pull Up - Chin Up
Pushup + Pike Press x10 

3 Sets
Alternating Shoulder Press x10 e/s
Alternating Plank Rows x10 e/s
Rest 45 seconds between sets  

3 Sets
Upright Rows x15
Slam Ball x15
Rest 45 seconds between sets

Set Clock for 30 seconds of work / 10 seconds rest
4 Rounds
Use Your Heavy Dumbbell for this!!!

Get Up + Press
Use a bench and lie all the way down making sure your feet are still planted firmly on the ground. Keep dumbbells locked and squeezed into the anterior part of your deltoids. Palms should be facing one another. Use the momentum of a rocking motion, drive through the abs, till your back to a standing position. Once standing drive through your legs and press the dumbbells over head to a full locked out shoulder press position. Sit Back down on the bench and repeat the move again till time goes off.

DB 2x Cross Body Mt Climbers + 1 Jump Squat
Place hands on both sides of the dumbbell. Jump out to a plank and drive opposite knee to opposite armpit for 2 reps. Jump your feet to the outsides of your hands, dumbbell should be directly underneath you. Keeping a flat back, in a low squat position, grab the dumbbell and perform 1 jump squat. Once you land jump feet right back out and repeat the sequence. 

DB Swing
Yes this can be done with a dumbbell instead of a kettle bell. Just grab one side of the head and swing. Thrust through hips. 


Pike Kick throughs