Howdy HEAT fam! I'm Lil Sarah, and I've got your next WOW here.

This week all you are going to need is a barbell. (You can substitute DB's if you don't have access to one.) The purpose of this week's workout is to get a good burn in, so don't worry about going really heavy. I want you to be able to keep moving through the entire sets on this one; work on your endurance.

How long? You can get this done in under 30 minutes!

Warmup: 2 rounds

20 pushups
20 squats
20 leg raises
20 squat jumps

Workout: Do each drill for 60 sec, for 2 rounds. Then perform each one for 45 sec, for 2 rounds. Next, each one for 30 sec, for 2 rounds. You won't need to go up in weight when the sets get shorter because your muscles will be pretty tired. Try to limit your rest to 60 sec in between the double rounds. You're gonna feel that burn if you do! As always though, listen to your body and do what's best for you today. (Don't worry, this kind of pump session is totally worth it for the post workout selfies you'll get out of it!)

BB Dorothy squat jumps
BB curls
BB lateral lunges (Do the first set on the right, and second on the left.)
BB situp to overhead press