Hello my beautiful HEAT fam! I'm Lil Sarah, and I am bringing this week's WOW to you AND your shoulders. Don't worry, you'll work the rest of your body as well, but we're giving some special attention to the small muscles that are involved in a lot of what we do. You can finish the work in this one in 30 min.

Windmill - by WestonCarls.jpg

Because the shoulders are a smaller muscle group, you won't be going as heavy with the dumbbells for this one. I'll let you know if there is something you'll want to go extremely light on.

Alrighty folks, let's do the damn thing!

Warmup: 10 reps of each for 5 min

inchworm pushups
weighted rotating forward lunges
weighted jumping jacks (light DB)

The workout: Work in sets of 16 (8 on each side) for 20 min

Lateral lunge to overhead press (press the weights OH as you are standing back up from the side lunge)


Eccentric reverse flys (use light DB. bring the weights up on a 1 count, and down on a 3 count)

Situp and reach (keep your arms extended through the entire movement. when you are lying down, the weights are up towards the ceiling. when you situp, the weights are overhead.)

Squat to high row

AB BURNOUT! 5 min, as many times as you can...

10 plank ups
50 flutter kicks
20 low plank jacks
10 star situps