Hello HEAT familia! Our WOW is coming from our featured trainer of the month, Coach Greg. Greg teaches camps at our SOFI studio in South Austin.


Hey gang! I've got a 20- 30 minute on the go style workout I call "Tabody". All body weight exercises in the 20/10 format for a full body blast. Designed to burn fat, increase the recruitment of fast twitch muscle fiber and build lean muscle.

8 Exercises/ 4 Rounds/ 20 sec of work and 10 sec of rest/ All Body Weight. Get in 4 full rounds for a full Tabody workout!

1. Surfer Squats- Rotate in a 180 degree motion while jumping, make sure to land in squat position with soft knees and hips. 

2. Sprint Ups- Drop one leg back into a lunge back position, but only bend the front knee to 90 degrees while the back leg straightens out. Accelerate by pushing your weight into the front foot while driving the back knee up in front of your body as you jump vertically off your front leg. Stay on one side and switch each round. 

3. Blast Off Push Ups- Starting in a child's pose position on your knees, with your hips sitting back on your heels and arms extended fully in front of you, accelerate into a push up by pushing your body forward and flattening your back. Modify by remaining on your knees during the push up. 

4. Pike N Taps: In high plank position, pike your hips high while jumping your feet up and tapping your toes to the floor even with your waist line, extend back to starting position and then do a shoulder tap on each side. 

5Side Lunge Pulse- Lunge to one side while pushing your hips back and down, as you come up from the side lunge tuck your lunging side knee up and in towards your body, go right back into your side lunge creating the pulse movement. 

6Burpee Broad Jumps- Go all the way down, chest and hips to floor in traditional burpee fashion, as you come into your squat position, began to drive your arms forward to help accelerate you forward into a broad jump. After landing, quickly turn so your facing forward and repeat. 

7Prisoner Walk Ups- In a kneeling position, with arms behind head and fingers interlocked, lead with one foot as you go from a kneeling position to a low squat, return to kneeling position with the same leg you lead with. Alternate leading legs each round. 

8. 40 Yard Sprint- Sprint all out approximately 40 yards down and back.