Whats up everyone!!!! It's your girl Jenn here with a super booty burn and core crusher workout. I wanted to switch things up a little bit for the next few workouts I create, in that I'll be including a resistance band into our workouts.


If you haven't used, or wanted to use, a resistance band before ....1) you NEED to , and 2) you'll definitely want to buy one after this. Best part... they are super cheap andddddd you can bring them any where!!!!! Perfect for travel too!

One more thing... and this is probably the most beneficial of this band. THIS WORKS THE BOOTY LIKE NO OTHER. I now use this every leg day to activate my glutes before my heavy lifts. I also use this during my leg day workout to put even more emphasis on pushing my knees out in a squat, which in turn, protects the knees and because of the band activates the... yup you guessed it, booty, but also the inner thighs and outer as well.

Try to use the highest resistance you can handle. Remember your legs are more powerful then you would think. So don’t be scared!

How Long: 1 hour give or take.

What You'll Need: 1 Medium to Heavy Kettlebell, 1 High Resistance Band, Mat, Interval Timer, Water, A Mirror to check out your booty pump after the workout.

The warm up: 3 rounds 1 min work / 10 seconds rest -
Place band around your calves, and keep it on throughout the warm up.

Lateral Walk To The Right (keep your feet and resistance as wide as you can , small steps leading with the heel and don't let your upper body sway.)

Lateral Walk To The Left

Body Weight Squats

The Workout: Bring the band to your thighs now. About 4 -5 inches above the knee. Keep this band on the ENTIRE workout.

5 Rounds (Super Set) Rest 45 seconds between each new round KB Squats x 20, Bodyweight Squat Jumps (Keep Knees Out) x 20

4 Rounds (Super Set) KB Sumo RDL x 20, Sprawls + Plank Jack x 20

Now Move The Band Back To Your Calves

4 Rounds
Static Lateral KB Lunges x 15 e/s (each side), Squat Jacks x 20

(Static = Do All Reps On One Side Before Switching)

Booty and Core Burnout: Get Your Interval Timer Out & Move Band To Ankles

5 Rounds 40 / 10 work/rest

R Leg Kickbacks
R Leg Lateral Abductor
L Leg Kickbacks
L Leg Lateral Abductor
Bicycles (Yes, with the band)
Star Crunch
Mt. Climbers