Oh hey HEAT peeps! This WOW is coming from Cody R. Not only is he our featured trainer of the month, but he is the Head Honcho at our SMTX studio in San Marcos.

I’m a purpose-built kind of guy, so let’s start with a goal for this week’s WOW: Muscle Growth. Who doesn’t want a sweet pair of bazookas for arms? This workout will have those Bi’s and Tri’s demanding some repair and growth leading into this summer.

Needs: Dumbbells and a kettlebell. Use heavy weight for the 10 rep exercise and light weight for the 20 rep exercise (in the workout; the warm-up is body weight.)

‘On the Minute’ Warm up: Perform all exercises and reps every minute for 8 minutes. Finish them in 30 seconds and you’ve got time to rest. Finish them in 59 seconds and you’re back at it!
                            15 Jumping Jacks
                            10 Jump Lunges
                            5 Squat Jumps
                            8 Pushups

‘On the 3 Minute’ Workout: Minimum of 6 rounds (18min,) or try up to 10 rounds (30min.) Same work format, but adjust your weights such that you can finish in 2min 15sec. No more, no less. Trust me, you’ll want the rest.
                            20 Overhead Press
                            10 Pushups
                            20 Bicep Curls
                            10 KB Swing (American, or ‘head’ high)