Workouts should have a purpose, so let’s start with a goal for this week’s WOW: Quads. Wanna be the next ‘Quadfather?’ Try this one on for size.

Needs: Squat Rack, dumbbells, and some space to run!

Jump rope Warm up: Got a jump rope? Cool, do that for 6min! Also, throw in some of your favorite hip stretches to check in with them joints.              

‘On the Minute’ Workout: Wait a sec, didn’t you make me do this format LAST time? Yup, ‘cause that’s where the FIRE’s at! Perform all reps of exercise 1 in minute 1, then all reps of exercises 2 in minute 2, etc, etc. Repeat exercises 1-4 for 5 rounds (20min!)

                            10 Barbell Back squat, should take ATLEAST 30sec
                            200 meter run
                            10 Barbell Split squat, should take ATLEAST 30sec
                            15 Push up + Pike
You might need a tailor to let out the legs in your favorite jeans after that madness.