What's up FitFam!!!! It's your girl Jenn back at yah with a nice sweaty quick workout that has only one piece of equipment. The Dynomax Ball or Dead Ball. This is great for anyone short on time and still looking for a great full body workout.


You've got 5 Rounds, 12 Reps of everything. You will perform all of these exercises as fast as possible while maintaining perfect form. Record your time and challenge a buddy to beat you, or do this workout again another day you're short on time, and try to beat the time you got. Always challenge yourself and never quit.

How Long : 35 min time cap not including warm up.

What You'll Need: Dynomax/Dead Ball

The Warm Up : 3 Rounds - 10 Reps Each
Plank Swimmers ( Per Side )
Sprawl + Frog Jump
Reverse Lunge With Oblique Twist ( Per Side ) Run 1 Min Before Each New Round

The Workout : Moderate Weighted Dead/Dynomax Ball, Stopwatch, Water, A Room People Around You Don't Mind The Slamming Noise
5 Rounds - 12 Reps
Complete All Reps of Each Exercise Before Moving To The Next Exercise. As Fast As Possible
Squat Jump Slam
Reverse Lunge & Press ( Total ) Ball Burpee ( Full Pushup )
V Up + Crunch N Toss
Get Up Slam ( Total )