Hey HEAT fam! This week's WOW is a partner workout from Coach Courtney. Courtney is the SOFI trainer of the month. This one is guaranteed to make you sweat...


YGIG (You go I go) 
3 rds
10x air squats
10x push ups
10x burpees
100 m run together 

5 Min repeats - Partner 1 starts on the rep based movement Partner 2 starts on the other. When partner one finishes reps you switch. Repeat for 5 mins. 

Station 1: 
10x pull ups
Mt. climbers 

Station 2: 
10x Heavy Bent Over row

Station 3: 
10x Heavy step ups
box jumps 

Station 4: 
10x seated rainbow slams (bring the sandbag over head not across the body) over and back is 1 rep
plank hold