Happy hump day Team HEAT! This week's WOW is coming out of the SOFI studio from our featured trainer of the month, Coach Courtney!

Hey guys! Before starting my clients on any program I have them do "benchmark" workouts similar to this one. Take their scores and retest throughout the program to monitor progression. You all can do the same thing with this for yourselves throughout the year to measure progress.


Here ya go...

start with 200m run/row
6 min -  On the min
10x squats
10x swings
5x sprawls
finish as fast as you can within the 60 secs. Begin the next set at the start of the next min. 
Finish 200m run/row 

4 Min - as many sets as you can - lower
10x goblet squats
10x plyo lunges 

4 min - as many sets as you can  - upper
10x clean + press
10x push ups 

5 rds. for time: 
5x Alt. DB snatch (R/L)
10x burpees
200m. run or row