Hello Team HEAT! This week's WOW is coming from our SMTX studio via Coach Shandee. She's set you up with an endurance tabata workout. Sound sweaty? That's because it will be!

Warm Up: 
500m Row 


TABATA (20 sec work/10 sec rest) 
Set up 4 cones, 10ft apart
Each cone will be assigned an exercise, you will perform that exercise for 20 sec then during your 10 sec rest walk forward to the next cone
Repeat for 10 rounds (trying not to take rest after each round! Remember endurance means being in an uncomfortable zone!) 


Cone 1- Mt. Climbers
Cone 2- Tuck Jumps
Cone 3- Skater Jumps
Cone 4- Burpee
Run 400 m
X10 rounds