Hey HEAT fam! Cody R here outta SMTX... I thought of you guys this week as I was wondering what workouts I’d like to do while I’m on a vacation. You know us trainers; always thinking of the Sweat first. So, here’s what I’ll be doing. Give it a shot!


Needs: 20m of open space, and a Heavy Kettlebell
Warm up: Repeat this 3 times at a progressively faster pace. It’s sure to get them joints warm and working!
5 inchworm pushups (add a nice Cobra stretch on each one during the first round.)
10 lateral lunges (add a 3 second stretch to each one during the first round.)
20 squat jumps (you get it…stretch on the first round!)
30 Jumping jacks
OT90: Rotate exercises every 90 seconds, and the completion of all four exercises marks 1 Round. **Sometimes you’ll get a lot of rest after an exercise, sometimes it’ll be short. Your goal is to consistently finish with the same amount of rest time, which means you’ll need to move FASTER in later rounds ; ) **

4 Rounds Total
-300m Shuttle: set up 2 cones approx. 20m apart, then sprint from cone to cone 15x in order to cover 300m distance. This will be Beastly part!
-16 1-Arm Thruster
-20 1-Arm Swings (10e arm)
-20 Chops (10e side)
I’ll be gone for 4 days, and I plan on doing this twice. Test, Retest. Can’t wait!