Hey guys…. it’s your girl Jenn ready to give you a killer workout for this month of July. It's my birthday month and time has really flown by. Meaning I cant believe I'm going to be 31! Yikes. 

Anyway, this workout is based off exercises in reps of 30 each with an immediate 1 min burnout. Only piece of equipment needed is one slam ball. 

Hope you enjoy!

Equipment Needed: Slam Ball, water, mat 

Time Of Workout: 40-50 Min 

The Warm Up: 
5 Min
Run 100 M / Row 6 Calories / 30 Step Ups
5 Puhsups
10 Squats 

The Workout: 
Complete This Entire Circuit 2 Times. Don't Forget Your 1 Min Burnout 

30 Reps:

Pushup + Kick Through 

Squat + Squat Jump 

Shoulder Tap + Plank Jack 

Slam Ball 


Immediately Following Your Last Burpee do 1 min continuously of Body Weight Get Ups