Hey there Heat fam! Coach Eddy from SMTX with my first WOW!

Marching Glute Bridge

Marching Glute Bridge

Before we get started with this booty and core blasting workout let’s start with a little zoo warm up!

Let’s go through this 3 times making each round a little bit quicker than the last:
10 inch worms 🐛
20 monkey squats 🐒
30 donkey kicks 🐴
40 bear crawl steps (20 each side) 🐻 

Now that we’re warmed up, let’s get through our workout. You’ve got 3 rounds to perform with 30 seconds of rest in between each exercise!

All we need for this is one set of moderate weight DB and one HEAVY DB

10 heavy goblet squats
20 single leg RDL’s (10 each leg)
30 heavy split squats (15 each leg)
30 curtsey lunges (20 each leg)
50 marching glute bridges (25 steps each leg)
60 seconds of squat jumps

I hope y’all love it! Let me know what you think...