What's been going on HEAT fam! Lil Sarah here, bringing you the last WOW of August!

Realizing that August is over and the end of summer is approaching had me inspired to do this Fire and Ice workout. Half of the movements will be plyometric and spicy, and half will be isometric or chill if you will. During this workout go straight from drill #1 into drill #2 so you get that deep muscle burn I know you are all looking for.

**Make sure to do some form of warmup for about 5 min before jumping right in**

Perform 20 reps of drill #1, followed by 30 sec of drill #2. Rest for 45 sec, and repeat. 4 full rounds before moving on.

Frog jumps / wall sit

Plyometric pushups / halfway plank (Hold a plank that is in between a high and a low plank)

Star situps / hollow hold

Jump lunges (20 total, unless you're in beast mode today) / low lunge hold (30 sec hold each side)