Hi Team HEAT! Coach Danny here with your next WOW.

When I came up with this workout I was kind of inspired by the movie, but mainly I needed a total body routine to finish within 30 minutes. Depending on how heavy the weight of the thruster (front squat to an overhead press) is, and how high of a box you jump on will vary your time. As a point of reference it took me just over 22 minutes. 

What you'll need: DB or a BB, box or bench to jump on, and a pull ups bar

300 Workout: This is for time and must be completed in order.
-1/2 mile run/sprint
-50 thrusters
-50 pull ups/chin ups (can jump and/or kip)
-50 box Jumps
-50 burpees
-1/2 mile run sprint

Let me know how you do!