What's up HEAT fam! Coach Danny back atcha with a new WOW.

This is another great total body routine, if I do say so myself, that be done in 3, 4, or 5 sets. Just depends on how much time you have and how hard you want to push yourself. I’ve done this routine with several clients and friends and I received a lot of great feedback, in addition to a lot of cursing directed towards me. Which tells me that it’s a great routine.

What you'll need: DB and a box or bench for step ups. Adding in a BB is also optional.

3 - 5 Rounds (timing optional), 8 reps of everything

- lunge to box step up, per side (dumbbells or barbell)
- renegade rows, per side
- full cleans (dumbbells or barbell)
- sprawl clean and press