Howdy folks! Coach Cody, from the SMTX studio here. This week’s WOW is a variation of a circuit that I give my Saturday morning crew every now and then, and you’ll need a full 45min-1hr to get this one done. I call this one “The Hangover Cure.” Try it when you need, well, the title says it all…

Needs: a Heavy, Moderate, and Light set of dumbbells

Warm up: 10-50 superset. That means you’ll perform 10 reps of drills 1, 2, and 3. Then perform 20 reps of all three. Repeat up to 50 reps each.

Body weight Squats
Push up + Jack, Jacks only after 30

Circuit: Alternate between exercises A and B with the following rep scheme: 30 reps of A, 10 reps of B. 20 reps of A, 20 reps of B. 10 reps of A, 30 reps of B. The caveat is that the exercise at 10 reps should be heavy and slow while the exercise at 30 reps should be light and fast. 20 reps is that Goldie Lox range of moderate weight and speed. Once completed, go for an 800m run. Repeat for the three different exercise sets listed below.
30-20-10 DB Lunges
10-20-30 DB Chest Press (ground or on a bench)
30-20-10 DB SA Snatch (reps are total, so divide them between L/R)
10-20-30 Ape Walks (see photos. From a squat, reach your arms laterally and plant your hands. Use your upper body to support your weight while your jump your feet past your hands. Your hands wil now be on the opposite side of your body. Now you’re walking like an ape!)

30-20-10 DB 1A Overhead Press (reps are total, so divide them between L/R)
10-20-30 V-up

No lie, this one is ROUGH when you’re sweating out booze. BUT, you’ll be 100 in time for dinner : )