What’s up Heat fam!! It’s Coach Seth back with a great full body workout for you! This one is going to get you sweaty in a hurry.

What you will need:

Jump rope

Box (for step ups and some box jumps)

Medium Weight DB


We are going to start with a quick warmup to get the blood flowing, then we are really going to get after it.

Warmup: One time through this sequence but take your time and focus on full range of motion.

5 minute jog (slow enough pace you could have a conversation while running)

10 Inchworms into Cobra Pose

20 Lunges w/ a twist (towards your front leg)

30 Squats

40 Sit-ups

50 Arm Circles (25 Forwards 25 Backwards)

The Real Fun

So here’s how this workout is going to flow. You will do 1 rep of each exercise in the first round, 2 reps the second round, 3 in the third, and so on. Perform 100 Jump ropes at the end of each round. 15 rounds. Or 15 minutes. Whichever comes first. 



Box Jump

KB Swing

DB Thruster

Step Up (The reps will be per leg)