What’s up Heat fam! Coach Seth back with a workout for you...again? That’s right, I’ve got all of your workouts for you. Because I love you beautiful crazies. Last time I had a bodyweight burner for you, and this time we are getting heavy. So let’s get right into it.

We are keeping it simple with the equipment. Nothing fancy, just the essentials.

Here’s what you’re gonna need: Dumbbells, Barbell (just use DB’s if you don’t have a barbell available), Bench, and Somewhere to do pull-ups

For this warmup I want you to do 20 reps of everything and go through the list 3 times from top to bottom



Shoulder Taps


Low Plank Mountain Climber (20 Total)


Walking Lunges (20 Total)

Alright let’s get spicy with it now. I’m gonna group together 4 exercises at a time. Do all four exercises back to back then rest for a minute or two. Rinse and repeat as specified above the group of exercises in parentheses.

(4 rounds, 8 reps ea exercise)

Barbell Bench Press

Reverse Grip DB Row

DB Lateral Shoulder Raise


(4 rounds, 8 reps ea exercise)

Barbell Back Squat

DB Reverse Lunges

Goblet Squats

DB Hip Thrusts(Shoulders on Bench)

(5 Rounds, 12 reps ea exercise)

Chin Ups

DB Step Ups (12 Total Reps)

Standing DB Shoulder Press

Diamond Pushups