What’s up! Coach Seth back with that good good. Woooh, have I got a good one for you this week. We are going to go for a perfect mix of building some strength and getting your sweat on. My favorite combo for a workout, and the perfect mixture to get you hating me a lil bit.

All you are going to need for this workout is a box you can step up and do some jumps on, and a heavy kettlebell.

Go through this list of exercises as many times as you can, starting slow and getting quicker as you get warm. You should be sweating by the time this is over.

8 Minute Warmup:

20 Squats

16 Sit-ups

12 Pushups

8 Burpees

4 Tuck Jumps

Now that you’re wondering how that’s considered only a warmup and not a whole workout, let’s get into this. I’m gonna keep this simple, and it’s going to work similarly to the warmup, in that it’s a big circuit.

12 Minutes. As Hard as you can go. 20 reps on everything:

KB Swings

Goblet Thruster

Step Up (ea leg) (hold KB over leg you are stepping with)

Box Jumps

Clean and Press (ea side)