What’s going on Heat Fam!? It’s Coach Seth, back at it again with the fire Workout Of the Week. This week I’m bringing you a little old school workout. And by old school I mean it’s going to be a total bro workout. But, that doesn’t mean you beautiful ladies are left out. We are alllllll getting some good old fashioned hypertrophic work in. Keeping it simple with a good ol Chest, Back, and Arms workout.


5 Minutes on bike, treadmill, or rower. “Jogging” pace.

30 Pushups

20 Pull-ups

10 Pike Presses

Workout Equipment:


Barbell (You can use DB’s if you don’t have a BB.)

Adjustable Bench

**Superset is two exercises done back to back without rest in between. So for example if the workout calls for.. Pushups superset Pull-ups 4x10, that would be 10 pushups immediately followed by 10 pull-ups. Then rest and repeat for 4 sets.**

DB Bench superset Barbell Row 5x12

DB Curls superset Diamond Pushup 4x15

Barbell Incline Bench Press 5x8

DB Row(Hand&Knee braced on Bench)5x8ea

Chin Ups 4x10

Weighted Dips 4x10