Hey hey Heat fam! It’s coach Seth here with your Workout Of the Week. We are gonna keep it all body weight and high intensity this week. We are going to approach this workout like you would a Tabata workout, minus the timing. So the goal is to get that heart rate SPIKED for a little. Then rest for a little. Sound like fun? Thought so, let’s get to werrrrrkkkkkk.

Equipment: That Beautiful Heat Bod, Pull-up Bar, Box/Ledge/Sturdy Chair (to jump on)

The Warmup:

5 Minute Jog (Slow Pace)

1 minute as many reps as possible for each:



Squat Jumps

MTN Climber


The Workout:

Well that was super fun. Now, let’s get weird. Today’s workout is all about going HARD, taking a short rest, then doing it all over again. For this workout we are going to be doing a beat the clock setup, which means the faster you work, the more rest you get.

For the first set of three exercises you will be doing all three exercises, at the specified reps, every 30 seconds. So if you finish the exercises in 20 seconds, you get 10 seconds of rest before you start the next round.

8 Rounds (4 minutes total)

1 Hanging Leg Raise

2 Jump Lunges(total)

3 Burpee Box Jumps


For the second set of 4 exercises all of the same principles apply, but you will be starting a new round every 60 seconds.

6 Rounds (6 minutes Total)

4 Chin Ups

5 Broad Jumps

6 Plyo Step Ups (each side)

7 Dips

Ps. If you feel like it’s too easy, add a rep to each exercise. 😈