One of the most popular goals we hear about here at HEAT is to get stronger. Makes sense, right? Well today we wanted to share the personal experience of one of our long term members and personal training client, Melissa C. Melissa has been with HEAT for over EIGHT YEARS! She has been working out one-on-one with Coach Greg for over two years now. Here’s her HEAT story, in her words…

“I’ve been at HEAT for over 8 years - back when HEAT was near town lake behind the Run Tex building. I actually have part of the original Run Tex sign in my backyard. ;) After Run Tex closed the sign was sitting next to the trash for was so cool that I didn’t want it thrown away. A certain HEAT owner helped me and my husband take it (it was very heavy) haha!

Eight years ago I was recovering from my second csection and couldn’t even do one sit-up. Also, after I played collegiate tennis I became an avid runner but really needed HEAT Bootcamp with gaining upper body strength.


I started training with Greg two years ago to gain leg/hip strength and mobility. I was having a string of minor running injuries. My two years with Greg have been amazing...I have become so much stronger and I’m no longer scared of heavy weights! ;) I actually really love lifting and have seen so many results - physical and emotional...knowing I am a strong 40 year old woman, as cheesy as that may sound.

My goals are to continue to build strength and of course look good. ;)

My weekly routine is two days of boot camp, one day of personal training with Greg, running approximately 15 miles a week, and of course keeping up with my very active 8 and 10 year olds! :)

HEAT is wonderful - a comfortable, non-competitive environment with high quality trainers. I’m really thankful to be able to workout at HEAT!”

Melissa, thank you for sharing your experiences here at HEAT with us. You are inspiring and we are so happy to have you as part of the HEAT fam.

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