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Don't Fall Out Just Because It's Fall! by Sarah Enouen


It's Autumn now, and that means we're wearing different clothes, more clothes to be exact. We're also getting closer to the holiday season, which means more traveling, more get togethers, and more parties. All of those things listed sound GREAT, but they also turn into excuses not to workout.

I'm here today to give you a few pointers on sticking with it this Fall. If you get motivated now, you may just make it through this next holiday season without putting on the extra holiday pounds, and THAT my friends, would be AMAZING!

Step one: Give yourself something to work towards. That's easy to do in the Spring, when you know you're going to be wearing less clothing. Maybe your goal this season is to lift 5-10 lbs more on your dead lift. You could have a goal to make it through a full tabata set without resting before the clock runs out, all eight rounds. The point of this goal is to give you something to work towards during your workouts. You don't necessarily need to focus on leaning out during this season, unless that is just your goal. However, if you focused on leaning out all Summer, and find yourself losing motivation to keep going now, it may be time to switch up your focus.

Step two: Put your workouts into your calendar. When you book the workouts you'll be attending, or make plans for your run, block that time off in your personal calendar. That way when you look at your day, it's on your to do list, and when someone tries to book something with you, you don't consider that timeframe available. Pick a minimum number of workouts you want to do per week, and make that happen. No matter what!

Step three: Get yourself an accountability partner. If there is a person you see at the same time on a certain day, start chatting with them. Then you can let them know they'll see you there again next week. Get to know your coaches and trainers. When you plan on taking their class, tell them that you signed up. They'll be looking for you, and I'm sure will call you out if you don't show.

These are just a few tips to keep you from falling out this Fall. If you've got something that works great for you, post it to our Facebook page, or tag @heatbootcamp in an Instagram post! We wanna know what keeps you going...