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Workout Of the Week - "Barbell Banger"


Hey hey Heat fam what’s up? Coach Seth back with your WOW. This week we are going with the basics in a full body workout. All compound lifts, and all you need is a barbell. It’s going to be a simple workout, but you may hate me by the end. So let’s get right into it!

Equipment: Barbell


100 Squats

50 Pushups

50 Sit-ups


Alright now it’s time to get weird. For today’s workout you will do 5 sets of every exercise. The reps will be descending each set. So the first Set will be 12 reps, then 10, 8, 6, finishing with 4. Each set will get heavier as the reps get lower. The goal is to have your first set be the lightest and go up in weight every single set, finishing with the heaviest set last. There aren’t a lot of exercises today, but with the amount of sets and reps we are doing it is more than enough to get a great full body workout.

Back Squat


Bench Press

Barbell Row



Workout Of the Week - "April Rains Bring On Those Gains!"

What’s going on my fit, sexy, fabulous, freaks. How are we feeling this week? Hopefully we have recovered from our kick ass leg day that posted last week, and are ready for another baller workout. 


We are going to do a two part workout this week. Similar to last weeks, only this will be a full body workout. We will be incorporating both strength and endurance as well. Keep track of your weights and how much you've improved over the last few months. If you've been following the HEAT W.O.W’s for a while now, we could see some serious progress with your weight increase, as well as your ability to maintain a higher aerobic capacity for the endurance section. 

This workout will require a large amount of DB weight changes. I know we usually make workouts easy for limited equipment, but today I wanted to shed some light on a good workout you can do when you're in a gym. Sometimes we just want a workout to switch things up. Wake our body up. Well… this is it!

How Long: 60 Min 

What You'll Need: 4 Sets of DB increasing in weight each new set, 1 med weight KB, Pull-up bar, box/bench, water, mat.

The Warm Up: 
3 Rounds
200 Meter Run/ 30-25 Second Jog (Increase speed each new round)
10 Squats
5 Body Weight (BW) Get Ups (Per Leg)
20 Toe Touch and Extend
10 Pushups 

3 Rounds

10 HEAVY  DB/BB Deadlifts
20 Medium DB Front Loaded Walking Lunge to Shoulder Press (Per Leg)
5 Controlled Pullups / Inverted Rows 

12-10-8-6 (Reps)
Perform all exercise back to back starting with 12 reps each. Rest for 45 seconds. Then start the next round of exercises by grabbing a heavier weight and perform 10 reps. So forth and so on, increasing weight each new round till your last round ends with 6 reps each. 

DB Bench Press
DB Skull Crushers (Tricep Press) 

DB Shoulder Press
DB Bicep Curls
Plank Jack & Tuck 

DB Step Ups
Box/Bench Jumps 

4 Rounds

400 Meter Jog / 60 sec jog
10 Burpee Box/Bench Jumps
20 KB Swings
30 Squats