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You’ve probably heard us talk about what an amazing community we have here at HEAT. It’s true! We have an awesome crew at our studio. Not only does that make the workouts fun, but it can be a great motivator to make it here.

Our latest member spotlight is someone who found exactly what they needed to make a change, through our community. We’d like to introduce you to Stanton S. Here’s how Stanton’s HEAT story began:


“I knew a few people who went to HEAT, and had always heard great things. When I decided to make fitness a priority in my life, it seemed like a good place to get started.

To be honest, I was terrified. HEAT is the first gym I've ever joined and I had a lot of anxiety about walking into a room full of people I didn't know and trying something new in front of all of them. Danny was my first Coach and he made me feel super welcome-- within weeks I felt completely comfortable at HEAT, in large part, thanks to the Coaches who remembered my name from day one and always went out of their way to say hello and make me feel at home.

I've been at HEAT for about 6 months now and I honestly feel like a different person in a lot of ways. January 2018 started with me being the heaviest and most out of shape I've ever been in my life. My confidence was shot-- I hated shopping for clothes, going out to events, and seeing myself in photos. 


I knew I wanted to get in shape but I broke my elbow in January and had to hold off on joining a gym. I started by making changes to my diet and then joined HEAT as soon as I could. I'm proud to say I've 45 pounds! I feel amazing and sometimes find myself realizing I have muscles I never knew existed. I think most importantly I learned I not only have physical strength, but, I have the mental strength to show up and conquer my fears and prove to myself that I can do the hard things in my life. 


It's hard to pick a favorite thing at HEAT! I love my Coaches-- Dustin and Danny are my go-tos, and they have no idea how much I've appreciated them challenging me while also encouraging me. All of my fellow bootcampers have been super nice, and it's fun seeing the same faces every week and getting to know people between squats during the full alley runs.”

We were so motivated by all of the changes that Stanton has made, we absolutely had to share with you. Thank you, Stanton! Here’s to many, many more months with us at HEAT.




August: it’s a month of 100 degree days, 85 degree nights, and an awesome, sweaty challenge from HEAT Bootcamp. We call that challenge ‘Amp it Up August,’ where we reward you with a $25 credit on your account for attending 25 camps in the month. This month, we’d like to Spotlight a member of our SMTX studio who CRUSHED the Amp it Up August Challenge: Raegan B.


- Tell us about yourself, Raegan.

“Hi! My name is Raegan, and I am a senior public relations major at Texas State.”

- What does exercise mean to you?

“Exercise is something that is very important to me and something that I am dedicated to. I feel that exercising helps me control stress, be productive and just all around makes me feel good!”


- What was your strategy throughout the Amp it Up August challenge?

“I attended camps twice a day, three times per week. Although it wasn't easy, I believe that the challenge was very beneficial to getting me closer to my exercise goals and it helped me by increasing both my overall muscle strength and stamina.”

- What are your exercise goals moving forward?

“Moving forward, my main goal is to focus on improving my form in certain exercises, and of course, becoming stronger and more fit each day!”

- What’s your favorite part about HEAT?

“I’ve been going to HEAT for about 4 months now, and I’ve loved it from day one! My favorite thing about HEAT is how personable and helpful all of the trainers are. Everyone is there to help each other out. In my opinion, that’s one of the most important aspects of a great gym!”

In Memory of Raegan’s Biceps…may they forever rest in peace ; )