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Workout Of the Week - "Just Do the Dang Thing!"

Hello my HEAT family!! Lil Sarah here with a WOW for you that you can get done anywhere. This time of year can be hard to stay consistent with workouts. There’s a lot going on with work, social functions, and then also winter is coming. This week’s workout is higher intensity body weight movements, designed to get your heart rate up, and keep it up!


Start out with a 5 min run/jog or row. You can even do half and half, it is about just getting yourself moving!

Pyramid workout: Our rep count is going to start small and work its way up, then we work back down. The drills will work different muscle groups, so try to do everything back to back with as little rest as possible. Think of each exercise as active rest for the last exercise. (You’re welcome. )


Skater lunges (ea side)

Plank ups (total reps)

Bicycle situps (total reps. Make sure to sit ALL the way up and twist at the top of your situp.)

Give yourself about 2-3 minutes off here, then move on to the next part.

Countdown workout: Complete the highest number of reps for each exercise. On the next round, subtract one rep and do each exercise again. Repeat til you get all the way down to 1!


Mt. Climber pushups (6 MC to 1 pushup = 1 rep)

Broad jump - shuffle back to start


Superman flutters (ea side. Flutter both arms and legs while in a back extension, lying on your stomach.)



Workout Of the Week - "All About That Box"


What up Heat fam! Coach Seth here and I got a lil’ something different for you today. Simple, and ummm well it’s not easy. But it definitely is simple. Keep that pace quick, the faster you move, the faster you are done.

Equipment Required: A box or some other type of elevated surface.

Warmup: 50 Burpees for Time. I know this doesn’t sound fun...but Burpees For Bros just happened and I wanted to share a little taste of that with you all.

The Fun Part (The workout)

Ok, here’s how this is going to work: there’s a rep count and 4 exercises. Do 5 reps of each exercise (on the Step Switch, that’s per leg), then 10 of each, then 15...etc. Follow the rep count and it’s easy to keep track.

Rep Count: 5, 10, 15, 20, 15, 10, 5

Box Jump


Step Switch (think step up, but when you step up, switch which foot is on the box)

Feet Elevated Pushup