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Workout Of the Week - "28 Days Till Summer!"


You heard it right my fit bodies. There’s 28 days left till summer. Granted, if you live in Austin, it feels like its already here, but it’s only going to get hotter. Clothes will become less and less. Are you ready to show off some skin? Do you feel like you need more cardio, leaning out workouts, and general tidying up on your nutrition? Well… Look no more, I, Jenn Frey, am here to save the day. For the next few weeks leading up to summer I will be putting together what Ive decided to call “Crossbreed Crusher”. This means we will be incorporating a training regime that combines high level strength and endurance into a single workout. i.e we will be adding some strength, to build muscle, muscular endurance to increase lean muscle mass, and high intensity interval/cardio training. 

If you really want this change ladies and gents just remember…. NONE of these workouts will matter if you're not giving your body the correct nutrition it needs to adapt and keep your metabolism high. 80% of your workout comes from the kitchen.

Anyway, let’s get this workout on the road. The first section, after your warm up, will be the “strength section”. This will include 1 compound move. i.e Squats and RDL’s. My two favorite exercises. After that we will move onto your high intensity/muscular endurance section. Which will be a time challenge this week. 5 rounds, 8 reps each exercise, 5 exercises. 

This is where there will be little to no rest and you really need to PUSH yourself to achieve results and make this workout count. 

How Long: 8-10 minute  Warm Up + 45-50 Minute Workout 

What You'll Need: 1 weighted barbell/1 set of heavy DB’s, (Can use a smith machine as well), stop watch, 

The Warm Up: 
3 Rounds
Increase intensity each new round (Go faster) 

Rower/Bike/Run (1st round 2 Min, 2nd round 1 min, 3rd round 30 second sprint) 
Back/DB Squats (1st round 10 reps, 2nd round 12 reps,  3rd round 5 reps ) 
Keeping Same Weight
6 x Inchworms (All rounds)

The Workout:

4 Rounds                                           
10 x Squats (Last 2 reps should be a challenge. If not, go up in weight) 
Rest 60 seconds in between 

3 Rounds
15 x RDL
10 Box Jumps
Do 15 x  RDLs and immediately go into 10x Box Jumps. 
Rest for 45 seconds 

High Intensity/ Endurance
Time Challenge

5 Rounds
8 x Burpees
8 x Long Jumps
8 x Pushups
8 x Ice Skaters (Per Side) 
8 x Pull Ups
200 meter sprint / 24-30 second sprint



Workout Of the Week - "Sweatin' for the Summer!"

Hey guys! Lil Sarah here, bringing you the first HEAT W.O.W. of the Summer! This week it's all about fast and explosive movements. Bring on the cardio and bring on the SWEAT!


What you'll need: Just you this week!

If you're really feeling it and want to take it up a notch, have a light set of DB handy. You can make some of the movements more challenging by adding some weight.

How long: 25 min

The warm up: The warmup is going to be Tabata style. Perform each drill for 30 seconds, take 10 seconds of rest in between, and do 2 full rounds of everything.

Mt. climbers

Jumping jacks

Lateral lunges


Low plank


The workout: There are two drills listed, each with the number of reps you'll do. Get in as many rounds of the two drills as you can in 90 seconds. Move fast, you're only doing one set. Rest for 30 seconds and move on to the next pair.

20 Mt. climbers / 6 squat jumps

15 Jumping jacks / 10 low plank jacks

10 Skater lunges / 10 plyometric push-ups

**Take 1 minute of rest and move on to the next drills. Reps and time are all listed...

50 high knees right into 1 minute wall sit

20 jump lunges into 30 second right static lunge (hold the lunge with the back knee 1 inch from the ground)

20 jump lunges into 30 second left static lunge

30 bicycle crunches into 30 second right side plank

30 bicycle crunches into 30 second left side plank

20 V-ups into 1 minute low plank