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Workout Of the Week - "Down to Business"


Hey hey, what’s up Heat fam!? It’s coach Seth back with a bomb WOW for you.

This week is all about keeping that heart rate up, and getting outdoors. This will be all body weight, and will be a simple circuit to get your sweat on. I have been digging these simple workouts lately, and what I have planned for you this week fits that bill perfectly.

Equipment: Your Sexy Self

Warmup: 1 mile jog

Now let’s get weird 😈


The circuit I have for you is short and sweet, but there are a LOT of rounds. Don’t get intimidated, you can most definitely finish it under 15 minutes. You will do ten reps of each exercise, for ten rounds. Trust me, it sounds far worse than it is. Have fun...

Frogger to Tuck Jump






Workout Of the Week - "Barbell Banger"


Hey hey Heat fam what’s up? Coach Seth back with your WOW. This week we are going with the basics in a full body workout. All compound lifts, and all you need is a barbell. It’s going to be a simple workout, but you may hate me by the end. So let’s get right into it!

Equipment: Barbell


100 Squats

50 Pushups

50 Sit-ups


Alright now it’s time to get weird. For today’s workout you will do 5 sets of every exercise. The reps will be descending each set. So the first Set will be 12 reps, then 10, 8, 6, finishing with 4. Each set will get heavier as the reps get lower. The goal is to have your first set be the lightest and go up in weight every single set, finishing with the heaviest set last. There aren’t a lot of exercises today, but with the amount of sets and reps we are doing it is more than enough to get a great full body workout.

Back Squat


Bench Press

Barbell Row