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Workout Of the Week - "Arms For Daysss!"


Hey hey HEAT fam! Coach Seth coming in hot with a pre pool day workout for you. Nothing too crazy, just a good old fashioned arm day. We will be making this a quick 20 minute session, with very little rest so we can really get the blood moving and that PUMP ON.

Equipment: Pull Up Bar, Dumbbells, Incline Bench


Arm Circles 30sec each way

20 Pushups

20 Pull Ups


Let’s get right to it. You are going to be doing Gigantic Sets. They are like supersets with two exercises done back to back before resting, but with just a few more than two exercises. So the way today will work is there will be 3 groupings of exercises. Biceps, Triceps, And Combo. You will do 4 rounds of each grouping separately. 12 Reps on each exercise. Do all 4 exercises in a row, rest for 30 seconds then begin the next round.


Concentration Curls

1 Curl (curl holding one DB between both hands)

Alternating Curls

Hammer Curls


Incline Bench Skull Crusher

Diamond Pushups

Single Arm Kickbacks

Overhead Extension


Chin Ups


Twisting Curl (regular curl, twist pinkies up at the top)

Plank Press Up



Workout Of the Week - "Push, Pull, Repeat."

Hey hey Heat Fam! It’s Coach Seth back with a Workout Of the Week for you. This week we are going to kick it old school, keep it simple and get some blood flowing. This is one of my personal workouts that I like to use for a good upper body day. It’s quick, simple, and effective. Just some old-school hypertrophy work, and an excuse to throw on a sleeveless shirt.

Equipment: Barbell, Dumbbells, Bench


The Warmup

30 seconds of arm circles each direction

-3 Rounds of the Following-

20 Reps DB Bench Press (super light)

20 Reps DB Shoulder Press (super light)

20 Reps DB Rows (super light)

The Workout

Alright, we have the joints nice and warm let’s get after this Chest and Back pump sesh. We are going to go super simple so 5 sets of 15 reps on everything, finish all 5 sets of one exercise before you move on to the next one. Rest should be no longer than 30 seconds between each set. This is not a cardio workout, this is not a circuit, but, You will definitely be sweating. The MAJOR KEY to this workout is that you don’t go too light. It should be a STRUGGLE to finish all 15 reps in a row.

DB Bench Press

Barbell Row

DB Incline Press

DB Pullover

DB Row (1 arm at a time, rest other hand on bench)

Incline DB Fly