Howdy my HEAT fit freaks! It's Lil Sarah here bringing you a sweat-tastic summer workout. Here at HEAT we are in the middle of Jiggle Free July, where we really hone in on our diets to keep right and keep it tight. That being said, it is summertime, and that means plenty of opportunities to hang with friends. Who doesn't love a good glass of wine when chatting about your long day??


Keeping this in mind, we're going to hit the weights AND the cardio hard. A little pre-tox if you will...

Alright friends, let's do the dang thing!

What you'll need: Your beautiful selves and some DB.

How long: 45-50 min

Warm it up!

2 rounds, 20 reps each. Body weight round 1, add weight where you can on round 2.
Rear lunges
Low plank pikes
Tricep push-ups

Work it out!

Work with each pair of drills for 3 minutes, doing as many rounds with the set reps as you can. Work your way down the list, working for 3 minutes with each pair. Take 3 minutes of rest. Come back for round 2 and drop your time to 2 minutes. You’ve got less time, so push yourself to move at a slightly faster pace. After you finish round 2, take 2 minutes of rest. Finish off with one final round, 1 minute with each pair of drills.

10 DB lunges / 30 mt. climbers

10 V-ups (Hold a DB for an added challenge) / 20 Russian twists

10 close grip DB chest press / 10 tricep push-ups

10 DB squats / 20 knee tuck jumps

Burnout time!

You didn't think you were done did you?! C'mon, we're earning the glass of wine we'll be enjoying later... Time for some good ol' fashioned sprints!

30 sec on, 10 sec of rest. 6 rounds. (That's only 3 more minutes of work, you've got this!)

Boom. Now you are done.