What’s up ladies and gents. Happy New Year!!!!! I think I can speak for most when I say “Thank grossness its finally over.” Its yours truly, Jenn here, back for a super intense legs, glutes, and abs workout. What better way to kick of the new year than by kicking that booty, literally back into shape. I certainly can think of a better way. So let’s leave 2016 “behind”! Ha see what I did there? Any way lets leave it behind us and take 2017 with a new positive outlook. Filled with success, growth, love, happiness, and fantastic legs. 


This workout will require you to use and interval timer. You have seen/read me using this device a lot. There are many apps for both android and iPhone that you can download instead of using a stop watch. My favorite is called “seconds” app. We will be doing various circuits and times  throughout this work out. Just follow along and pay attention to the structure. 

Ready …….Set……..Boom 

What You Will Need: Heavy Set of DB, Stepper/Box or Opt and do Tuck Jumps, Mat, Water

The Warm UP 
 20/20 Interval Timer  4 Rounds
(2 exercises. No Rest. 20 seconds of work, immediately into another 20 seconds of work.)
Squats / Reverse Lunges 

30/10 4 Rounds
(2 exercises. 30 seconds work with 10 seconds rest.)
Jump Squats
Jump Lunges 

The Workout 
 45/10  4 Rounds 

Circuit #1
DB Sumo Squat + 2 Curtsey Lunges
Low Jacks
 (body weight)

Circuit #2
Box/Bench Tuck Jump

Circuit #3
Narrow Front Loaded Single DB Squat
Burpee- Star Jump
Perform a Burpee, but before coming up to jump up bring feet together and then jump up by jacking out your legs in the air. Land back on your feet with them touching. Repeat by doing another burpee. 

Burn Out

Last little bit here guys. I’m going to need you to really push yourself through this. For this last workout circuit you will NOT STOP throughout the entire circuit. Once you have completed all 4 exercises you will then have a 20 second rest and then do another round, for a total of 4 rounds!!!!

Good Luck ….Feel The Burn…. Embrace The Bum…

2 Static Forward Lunges + Jump & Switch
Lunge Forward and do 2 lunges. From there jump lunge to switch your feet and do 2 lunges on the other side. Keep doing 2 lunges per leg before you jump to the opposite. 

Kneel To Low Squat Stand
Kneeling on both knees, swing your right leg around and drive through the heel to stand up in a low squat. Once both feet are on the ground, in a low squat position kneel back down. Only this time alternate and switch to your left leg to come up to a low squat.  

Frog Jump- Squat Jump
Start in plank. Jump your feet to the outside of your hands, low wide squat. From there jump up to a squat jump and land back into that low squat. Jump your feet back to plank and repeat  

Squat Hold
Hold for 10 seconds 

Rest  20 seconds and Repeat