Oh hey HEAT peeps! Lil Sarah here, with our last HEAT WOW of the year! Hard to believe it, but 2016 is over. I know we all have grand plans of changing our lives next week, and a lot of us are traveling, or just relaxing this week, so I am keeping it simple for you. Both with the movements we'll be using, and with the equipment you'll need. Don't let that fool you though, this one is gonna to getcha!


What you'll need: DB, and your beautiful self!

How long: 45-60 min

The warmup: This is done body weight. Get in the reps listed next to the drills. You only have to do each one once. Let's do this!

50 Mt climbers (ea leg)

40 Jumping jacks

30 Lunges (ea leg)

20 Push-ups

10 V-ups

The workout: We are going to do a similar "one" and done kind of setup here as well, only it's gonna be a lot more than one rep. All of the reps listed in the workout though are total, though. So if the movement is unilateral, cut the number of reps in half for each side. Start at the top, and complete all reps for each drill before moving on.

100 DB lunges

90 DB crunches (Hold the DB over your chest, with arms fully extended. Just crunch enough to get your shoulder blades off the ground, and go right back down.)

80 Plank rows

70 DB dead lifts

60 DB leg extensions (Lying on your back, bend your knees, and hold a light DB in between your feet. Extend your legs out, so that your feet are hovering above the ground. Bend your knees, and come back to the starting position. If this bothers your low back, do not add any weight.)

50 DB chest press

40 Weighted skater lunges (Hold one DB with both hands, and keep it at chest level.)

30 Russian twists

20 Curl to press

10 DB burpees