ongoing support


Personalized Webpage – Every HEAT franchise owner gets their own personalized webpage as part of our parent website,  More importantly, we’ll help you manage it, building a page filled with customer testimonials, PR exposure, videos, credentials and items of local relevance.


Preferred Vendor Savings – All of our franchise owners enjoy the “economies-of-scale” savings provided by our bulk ordering of marketing materials and retail product.  Because we negotiate with all of the vendors on your behalf, you are able to buy ongoing supplies at considerable discounts.


Operations Support - With decades of collective business and fitness experience, our support team has invaluable experience placing new business owners in business for themselves and then supporting them over the long term.  From day-to-day help to "big picture" research and development, we'll be there to grow with you.


Expert Helpline - Our Expert helpline gives our franchisees direct access to experts in every aspect of a HEAT franchise.  Whether you’re calling for marketing advice, operational guidance or technical help, our helpline gives you the answers you need when you need them.


Marketing Catalogue - As you expand, you’ll have complete access to our catalogue of flyers and brochures, coupons and direct mail pieces, newspaper and periodical literature, commercials, sales tools and much, much more.


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