billy bosco

HEAT Coach | Personal Trainer

Throughout my life I’ve been in a never-ending search for inspiration. My passions for as long as I can remember have been human connection and fitness. I was raised playing every single sport imaginable and knew I would find a career in something health related. At the same time my brother was struggling with his weight and didn’t have the drive to change anything. I saw the boost in confidence I got from weightlifting, I saw the discipline that came with dieting, I saw the happiness that it gave me. I wanted this for other people and especially for my brother. I just wanted everyone to be as happy as I am all the time. Personal training was the best way to achieve this. I needed that credibility to finally get through to my brother. I needed to help people.

I didn’t get into personal training just to get people shredded. My goal was to help people organize their own life through the discipline that came with fitness..I don’t want to just be your trainer, I want to be your life coach, your mentor, but most importantly I want to be someone you can look to in times of need. I want you to leave with the physique, knowledge, and confidence required to continue your fitness goals when I am no longer around.

To do this I had to learn by example and by education. The first step was becoming a personal trainer which I did as soon as I got to college. During my university studies,  I was able to deal largely with young college students trying to balance their social life, health, and studies. This was the easy part, everyone was able bodied and had limited responsibilities. Their biggest problem was the dreaded freshman 15. To tackle this I became a certified nutrition specialist to have a better grasp of how food was digested and used by the body. I needed more experience though, I needed a population with a whole different set of obstacles they faced. So after college I took a job at a tech companies corporate gym. Here I was able to deal with clients who had to balance their career, family, and health. Most of my clients here had series mobility limitations due to previous injuries. I had to change my approach and learn all about the rehab process. I can say that I have dealt with every type of population now. I am more than confident in my ability to help you reach your own fitness goals. I have acquired all the knowledge and experience I wanted when I first began this journey and am ready to help you reach your goals.

Want to build muscle or lose weight? We can do that!
Want to find an eating routine that works for you? We can do that!
Want to sort out your life’s stresses? We can do that!

I didn’t start this journey for my own selfish reasons. I started it to help people reach their best selves. I believe fitness is the vehicle for that. Let me help you, help yourself.