Cody Richardson, NSCA-CPT

Camp Coach | Personal Trainer

A social spirit by nature, I feel that a supportive and loving community is of the utmost importance. My love for sports and the outdoors was no doubt born out of the tightly knit community in which I spent my youth, and I consider it my personal mission to provide each and every HEAT member with the same friendship and guidance that helped me to find my life’s passion; physical activity.

I also know that passion is not the only component of success. Nights spent in classrooms and libraries, weeks and months training on weightlifting programs, and years full of Disc Golf competitions have all taught me that hard work and consistency are the prerequisites for success, the conduits through which one’s goals can be realized.

My passion was realized 5 years ago when I joined HEAT Bootcamp and met the family of coaches and campers with whom I could share laughs, tears, and, best of all, sweat. “Iron sharpens iron,” as they say, and we at HEAT Bootcamp like to help sharpen each other with lighthearted competition, wholehearted motivation, and lasting friendship.