Cody Richardson, NSCA-CPT

Camp Coach | Personal Trainer

A social spirit by nature, I understand the value and importance of a supportive and loving community. My love for physical activity and the outdoors was no doubt born out of the tightly knit community in which I spent my youth, and each of my clients will know what it means to be a name, not a number. Today, my passion and love for activity drives me to compete on the Professional Disc Golf Association’s national tour as well as on the National Collegiate Disc Golf tour.

 Always a competitor, I know how important it is to surrounding myself with the best in order to be one of the best. Thus, I chose to study at the University of Texas at Austin where I currently study Exercise Science and specialize in Strength and Conditioning. I also chose to intern at HEAT bootcamp, where some of the world’s sharpest and most experienced minds practice and refine their craft. Using these world-class resources as well as my own athletic experience as my knowledge base, I approach fitness from both a strength training and functional movement point of view. Whatever your fitness goals are, there is always room for a few squats and cleans! Now, from one member of the Austin community to another, I beckon you to come out and play!