Jason Miller, ISSA & NASM-CPT, KBC

Personal Trainer

30 years ago I was an active kid setting up obstacle courses for my friends and outrunning sand storms in the desert, a passion to “train for survival” has always been in my blood.  Fast forward a few years and I made it my mission to learn everything I could about how to better utilize human movement and functional strength.  I started training professionally 12 years ago and quickly learned my expertise lie not in the corporate environment but in having the freedom to design programs around the specific goals of the person in front of me.  Participating in the process of an athlete perfecting his or her game is just as personal to me as introducing new movement and providing active encouragement to reach rehabilitation goals.

My ambition is to always insure your training is fun, keep it challenging, and make every session DIFFERENT.  I believe that keeping the body in a constantly "confused" state is key in unlocking incredible hidden potential!