Joey Trombetta, NSCA-CPT

Co-owner | Coach | Personal Trainer | Nutrition Consultant

"Sooner or later you're going to realize, just as I did, that there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."  - Morpheus

As a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast, I understand that a solid nutritional foundation is the key to success when it comes to changing our bodies. With that being said, I also understand that my clients don't live in a bubble! We are all exposed to less than perfect conditions, whether its going out to eat, attending a wedding, or just a hectic work schedule. That is why I advocate a real world approach to health and wellness. That is, you do the absolute best that you can and don't sweat the small stuff! Fitness is a journey, not a destination, and there will always be bumps in the road!

I refer to my training style as "cardio with weights". While it is important to burn calories, I feel that a lot of the current exercise fads forget one of most important pieces of the fitness puzzle...strength training! In order to change, the body (and its muscles) must be challenged, and that means lifting some weights! This is why I structure my training sessions to focus on functional strength training with limited rest, in order to keep the heart rate high and maximize your time. I also believe that core training is essential for clients of any fitness level, and as such I utilize a lot of body weight movements in my training so get ready to do some pushups!


When I'm not cracking the whip, I enjoy spending my time acting like a little kid with my sons Anthony and Max, playing the guitar (poorly), and traveling with my beautiful wife.