Leslie Roberts CPT, CES

HEAT Coach | Personal Trainer

Training since 2001, I've created over 13,000 unique exercise sessions for clients.  Working mostly with one-on-one and partners, my clients say my strengths are listening to their needs and being able to meet them where they are in ability, energy level and mindset.  I want to deliver a program that is customized to your needs; it's challenging, yet appropriate.  I want to help you understand not just how to exercise, but the why of it all, too.  And laughter is great for abdominal strength, so we throw that in the mix as well!

My philosophy is to fix adhesions before strengthening.  In 2013 I graduated from A New Beginning School of Massage to better help clients prevent & overcome injuries.  I'm the former Head of Wellness for Texas DPS with over 3,000 State Troopers under my care.  I've worked with joint replacements, soft tissue injuries, pre/post rehab, spinal and postural issues, and cardiac care.  If we can work together with physicians and therapists to get your body well, we are limitless!

My dietary approach is to eat from the earth (limit the dirt).  My life approach is to have as much fun as possible and take good care of others along the way.