Sarah Enouen

General Manager | HEAT Coach | Personal Trainer | Nutrition Consultant

My story is a bit different from most I guess, in terms of how I got into fitness. I was definitely an active child, but after about the age of 12, I got into music and joined the choir. My love of music is what brought me to Austin and then eventually Nashville, where my love of fitness was found. I started working out when I was 30 (Thanks Mom for the genetic make-up!).  It was at a kickboxing gym. I fell in love with it, and started instructing about six months in. Teaching a martial art is exhilarating, but it only trains you so far. I made the decision to get certified as personal trainer to enable me to up the level of my workouts for my kickboxing students. Getting that certification just made me realize how much passion I have for nutrition so I then pursued my certification as a nutrition and wellness consultant.

My style of training consists of a lot of light weight explosiveness, and a little heavy lifting. I enjoy helping people push themselves to the limit using lower resistance for more reps and using body weight with a higher level of difficulty for optimal toning and conditioning of the body as a whole. However, to really get the end results we want, we have to go heavy too. A well rounded routine with both will get us there.

I encourage people to cook for themselves as much as possible so they're fueling up with as many whole foods as possible. We could work as hard as we can five or six days a week and never see all of the results if our eating habits are not on point. I believe in monitoring what we eat and making the healthiest decisions we can with the circumstances we find ourselves in as much as we can, while still leaving room to reward ourselves with "treat meals" a couple of times a week. You gotta have some fun!

I'm a small bundle of energy and I plan on using that to motivate as many healthy lifestyle seekers as possible. Let's have some fun!