Seth mast

HEAT SMTX Coach | Personal Trainer

My introduction to fitness started at a very young age. It came as a necessity. I loved basketball, but being 5’7, 125lbs, and the slowest in the gym wasn’t helping me get playing time. I had to make a decision, I was going to outwork everyone on my team, and after a whole offseason of training nonstop I went from being the slowest and weakest player on my team, to the fastest and one of the strongest. Needless to say I was hooked on what fitness could do for me. 

After seeing what an impact fitness had on my life in high school after graduation I hit the ground running. I trained hard following programs I found online, and absorbed every ounce of information I could find online. I decided I would compete in a Physique Show, so I trained for 9 months specifically for a show. I was so excited going in to it, and I placed last. I was confused disappointed and positive the judges had made a mistake. So a month later I signed up for another one, and placed last, again. In the midst of this trial and error I went through alone, I had a girl come up to me at the gym and ask if I would train her. Remember, at this point all I have is “Bro-science” I had accumulated from countless hours on the internet. I made sure she was aware of that, but she still wanted me to train her. But, it wasn’t only her, all my old friends and random people in the gym started asking ME for advice. I fell in love with helping people, helping them get better physically, and became fascinated with the mind-body connection, how improving ones physical health also improved mental health. 

That is how I found my true passion. Helping. Nothing gives me energy like seeing a breakthrough mentally or physically in someone who I helped!