Shea boland

HEAT Coach | Personal Trainer

I was born and raised in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in Montana in a small town called Missoula.  I've been in Austin for close to 5 years and have truly found home! 

A few of my favorite things in life are camping, cycling, swimming, hiking, dance music, non-fiction books, strength training, Chipotle, helping others, enlarging my spiritual life, buying clothes, sprinting, meeting new people, cultivating healthy relationships and did I mention Chipotle? 

I chose Austin for a fresh start with my health being the number one priority.  Fitness has been an integral part of my growth into a healthier version of myself.  For years, I wanted to get into shape and have exercise be a part of my life.  Ever since I was a teenager.  But, as we all can relate, life gets in the way and it was always something I found myself putting off for another day in the distant future when I was more motivated.  Long story short, I moved to Austin and hit the ground running with a new way of life.  I refused to be shackled by nagging character flaws like procrastination, self-pity and impatience.  With enough feelings of discontentment and frustration being the primary motivators, I slowly started shifting my perspective about fitness.  I had to start being honest with myself.  It was time.  I started manifesting a vision for the man I wanted to be and how I was going to get there.  I wanted to start having my intentions be congruent with my actions.  When those two things started to sync up, my perspective about myself and the world around me started to shift.  It was the gift of empowerment.  Feeling empowered is a powerful thing.  And I’m here to report to you that the most surefire way to start cultivating a deep sense of empowerment is to take action towards your goals.  Those actions, when repeated, started to add up and a ripple effect happened.  Once that ripple effect of more self-love, more determination, more optimism and more joy started to flow through all areas of my life, I was off to the races and I haven’t looked back since.  Fitness has saved my life. 

I’m no stranger to the amount of courage it takes to start taking action towards a better version of themselves.  I strive to build rapport quickly with my clients by creating a genuine connection with them that's founded upon things like trust, vulnerability, presence, respect and patience.  A strong connection between client and trainer really lays the solid foundation for some amazing work to be done.  A gentler, more mindful approach to fitness is what I'm aiming to contribute to this industry.  My intuition has led me to this beautiful career and I'm truly passionate about all of it.  It's now my duty to be the torchbearer, to help others navigate through the stresses of this vulnerable endeavor and to help them reclaim their empowerment.