victoria ebli

HEAT Coach | Personal Trainer

"If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you"

The story behind my passion for fitness is a little bitter sweet. I was born and raised on a small hay farm in rural Michigan. Our land allowed me to explore and be active in ways most children weren’t. I ran barefoot with my dogs and at night howled at the wolves you could hear in the distance. I rode my horses bare back in my swim suit and climbed trees in my Sunday best. I grew up active around the farm, doing chores, tending to animals and as a teenager working the ‘hay cart’ and tossing 70lbs hay bails. This sense of work ethic has translated to all parts of my life; you have to do the hard work before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I started playing sports at 4 years old through high school. In the summers in college, I would come home and coach the T-ball team that I played on as a child. In college I discovered my love of Spin class. Team sports never really did it for me, I found I could push myself further and harder when I was working alone. This new idea of working by myself but being surrounded by others working just as hard, was so inspiring, so refreshing and new. I was totally hooked. Feeling confident in spin, I began to try new group fitness classes, boot camps, and yoga and loved it. I’m competitive and this atmosphere was exactly what I needed.

Here’s where the sweet gets bitter. When I was 22 my mother lost her 7 year battle with breast cancer. Less than two weeks later I moved to Texas as I’d been planning for months.  I was in my last semester of college, and finishing my Mathematics degree online. I was new to Austin, I didn’t have a job or many friends so I spent a lot of time in my apartment and I wasn’t very happy. I don’t know how or why I ever picked it up but I found a Jillian Michaels DVD and it changed my life. I reconnected to that feeling of having your blood pumping, your muscles hurting, gasping for breath and it was terrifying. But I survived. I started to realize that I am in control of my life, it is what I make it and I would not be defined by my circumstances. I am going to thrive in spite of them.

As my fitness levels rose, so did my confidence. I won’t lie, there were so many hard days. I’d lay down and cry in the middle of a workout, but I got back up over and over again. I always knew that no matter how sad I was or how hard my day had been, I was always one work out away from feeling better. Fitness gave me the time and space I needed to heal. I felt like all those motivational quotes I’d seen were finally clicking. I decided that I wanted to help other people find themselves through fitness and perused my career in personal training.

I love to train in body weight, with a dash of plyo metrics, and a healthy side of some heavy weights. It’s all about what challenges you, what gives you that sense of accomplishment and pride in yourself.

I have expanded my personal fitness to currently train in Krav Maga, Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu. You’ll see me in bootcamps too, pushing hard and working through whatever life is throwing my way.  I look forward to working with you and helping you walk tall along your life journey. Stand proud warrior, you are strong.