We have amazing people within our HEAT community. People from all walks of life, coming with all sorts of motivations, and we are happy when we get to share some of their stories.

This month, we'd like to introduce you to Layne. Layne has been coming to HEAT SOFI for right at two years. Not only has Layne gained a great deal of strength since starting at HEAT, he's physically seeing a great amount of change too! Here's Layne's story...

- When did you start coming to HEAT, and what were your expectations?
"In 2015 I was going paying for a Gold's membership and not going. I reached out to Cody Butler and just asked about the bootcamp and he told me to come try it for a week on him. After that I have been hooked. I really didn't know what to expect. I was a bit intimidated at first with it being a group setting but literally once the class started that all went away."


- What goals have you set for yourself?
"Originally, my goal was just to "get into shape." I mean, I was a shape, just not the one I wanted to be. As I saw a few changes I decided to start making goals but last year was difficult with an injury and a surgery. When we weighed in April 1, 2017 (for the MELTDOWN challenge) I had 18.5% body fat but wasn't able to complete the challenge due to the fore mentioned incidents. Towards the end of the year I was able to get back in my routine and at weigh in for this years transformation challenge. I was at 14.5% body fat. My goal is to get as close to 10% as possible."

- What results have you been seeing?
"Well with some coaching from Jennifer and a change in my diet, I am down 3% in body fat currently at 11.1% and overall I feel better, I look better and I am not getting those small injuries I used to when I didn't have the current strength."


- What is your favorite part about coming to HEAT?
"The community. I love coming in and working out with people who like to have fun and enjoy the workout. We are either laughing through a workout together or we are struggling through it together. Hey we all struggle...the holidays happen. haha. 

I would say to anyone thinking about coming to HEAT, try it for a full week. See all the classes. You will enjoy yourself and want to come back. I love that we focus on form and getting the motions correct so we have the ability to grow in strength but at the same time have fun doing it."



Workout Of the Week - "Mini Band Booty Routine"

I like big butts and I cannot lie 😁, anyway…
I love workouts that have minimal equipment and take little time, so all you need for this one is a mini band, mat, and a wish for a fabulous booty! Next time you have a little break in the office, bust out your mini band and get to work. All you need is 15 min.


How to: 
Each of the exercises should be performed back-to-back, starting with 20 repetitions in the first round, 15 repetitions in the second round, and 10 repetitions in the third round. Some exercises have two sides to it so you will perform the required amount of repetitions on each side before moving on to the next exercise. Rest for 1 minute between rounds and perform 3 rounds total. 

Warm-up: Make sure you get a good warm-up in before this workout. A little 5 min run followed by some inchworms, plank swimmers, shoulder rotations, and downdogs should do the trick. 

The Workout: 
Put the band around your thighs, right above the knees and perform the following exercises back-to-back. 

Lateral Low Squats

Monster Walks

Glute Bridges

Clam Shells

Kickback (band should be around feet)